Winter Telluride, CO Activities: Our Favorite Ways to Discover Telluride in the Snow

When the first snowfall covers our beautiful mountain town like a thick, white quilt, it's time for the winter fun to begin. Winter lovers come out of their summer hibernation, raring to enjoy the world-class snow that Telluride provides. 
While the first thing that comes to mind is a gorgeous bluebird ski day, that's not the only Telluride winter activity to add to your winter bucket list. From cozy, indoor luxury at one of our fantastic restaurants to a day of adventure taking on the snow-covered mountains, there are Telluride winter activities for every mood. 
Here are our favorite Winter Telluride activities that are sure to distract you from the cold temps. 

Indoor Winter Telluride Activities

Cozy Winter Activities

Feel like escaping the cold for some indoor fun? Telluride knows how to create lively entertainment inside or on a cozy night in with hot drinks and comfort food. 

Sip a latte at a coffee shop

There’s nothing like a delicious cup of your favorite coffee to warm your soul for the day. Luckily, several coffee shops in downtown Telluride offer a lovely cup of joe and a cozy environment to sip it in. 
High Alpine Coffee is located in the back of a welcoming bookstore right on Colorado Avenue, so you can get your fill of warm drinks and books simultaneously. Perfect for when you want to escape into a story, this spot offers hundreds of adventures, romances and mysteries to discover as you enjoy a delicious drink. The Phoenix Bean is a local favorite located in downtown Telluride as a part of the Sheridan Chop House. This spot rocks a cozy-casual vibe with tons of space to read a book, connect with friends or people-watch as the snow falls. 
Looking for a to-go cup of warmth and energy before hitting the slopes? Cowboy Coffee offers a quick delicious cup for on-the-go fun. 

Visit a museum

Who said a little bit of learning had to be boring? If you want to plan an indoor activity that feels like a bit of escape, the Telluride Historical Museum will welcome you with open arms. The permanent installations cover the interesting history of the birth of Telluride, from the native history and the first settlers to the mining boom. Several temporary exhibits are also available throughout the year, so there is always something new to discover. We recommend checking the events calendar and visiting for a weekly walking tour or one of the other fun events. 

See some beautiful art and clothing in the shops

Up there with some of the best shopping in the country, downtown Telluride shops offer unique art, clothing, decorations and more to peruse or purchase. With the walkability of the main street, Colorado Avenue, you can explore the fun stores without spending too much time in the elements. 
Walking down Colorado Avenue, you could find vibrant and stunning hand-woven rugs, the most luxurious winter fashion, quality leather goods, cutting-edge art and so much more. Strolling through all the unique stores can take hours, so it's a great way to fill a quiet afternoon. 

Enjoy a cozy day in your winter home

Sometimes, no set event can compare to the comfort and luxury of staying home for a cozy night. When you pick the right Telluride vacation home, you can find winter mountain luxury in a well-appointed living room with expansive windows, a modern kitchen with chrome appliances or a steaming sauna with a view. 
No matter what type of Colorado luxury home catches your eye, you'll find something that exceeds your expectations in Telluride. 

Best Telluride Winter Restaurants 

Allred's Restaurant

Allred's Restaurant is just a gondola ride away if you're looking for a luxury meal with a view near Telluride. Allred's offers a three-course inventive American dining experience using local and regional ingredients. You can enjoy the expansive mountain views at 10,551 feet above sea level, along with the luxury cabin ambiance created by antler chandeliers and warm lighting. Open all four seasons, this luxury dining experience is best enjoyed with the softly falling snow in full view outside the giant dining room windows.

Alpino Vino

Alpino Vino is a famous Telluride Ski Resort restaurant that boasts the highest elevation restaurant in North America at 11,966 feet! This stunning European-style hut offers endless views and a comfortable atmosphere that is a perfect finale to a beautiful ski day. There are cozy daybeds, sheepskin throws, fires and lovely seating arrangements on the deck, perfect for sharing wine and apps with friends and for enjoying a moment of elevated relaxation (figuratively and literally).

Brown Dog Pizza

There may be some fantastic fine dining in Telluride, but sometimes even the best filet mignon cannot fill the pizza-shaped hole in your heart. Brown Dog Pizza is so much more than your run-of-the-mill greasy slice. Thick Detroit-style pans of pizza are filled with all your favorite toppings and then some. Available for dining in and taking back to enjoy in your living room, this is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a mouthful of spicy sauce and melty cheese.

Outdoor Winter Telluride Activities

On the Mountain


As Telluride's most famous winter activity, we couldn't leave a world-class ski day off the list. Voted as one of the Condé Nast Traveler Top Ski Areas in North America, Telluride Ski Resort has made a significant mark in the global skier community as a haven where you can have entire runs to yourself. With 242 sunny days per year (well above the national average of 208), you can enjoy clear views and several bluebird ski days every winter month. 


If you want to stay out on the mountain trails but switch up your mode of transportation, a day of snowmobiling on some gorgeous snow-covered trails is a one-of-a-kind activity that everyone in your family or friend group will love. From rentals to expert-guided tours, you can tailor your experience to the comfort level of your group. 

Ice Climbing

Seasoned climbers, your season doesn't have to be over when the snowy season hits! Telluride is a premiere ice climbing hub, with experts traveling from all over to experience the iconic climbs in our mountains. One of our country's most popular (and challenging) ice climb is found in our San Juan Mountains — Bridal Veil Falls. Colorado's tallest free-falling waterfall, this natural feature offers 400 feet of ice or mixed climbing. To safely and confidently explore the Telluride ice climbing routes, we strongly recommend the expertise of a local guide. 

Off the Mountain

Hot Springs

 After a cold, snow-filled day, nothing hits the spot quite like a soak in warm, steamy water. Several natural hot springs around Telluride are well worth the trip — from casual outdoor springs to sumptuous soaks in a spa-like atmosphere. 
Dunton Hot Springs looks over the stunning Ralph Lauren Ranch and offers a luxury experience with spacious chateaus perfect for a full-day or multi-day pampering experience. This upscale hot spring also offers activity packages to enjoy a full day of rejuvenating experiences, from daily spa sessions and yoga classes to charcuterie classes. 
Orvis Hot Springs provides a more casual, clothing-optional hot springs experience with naturally heated water packed with healing lithium. When you visit, you'll find ten indoor and outdoor soaking areas with water temperatures ranging from 65 to 112 degrees.


Sad to see the summer hikes disappear for the season? Strap on some snowshoes for a stunning winter hiking activity! From leisurely strolls to a heart-pumping uphill workout, Telluride snowshoeing is always there for those who want to get some steps in. Several local outfitters around the area offer snowshoe walking tours. Or you can rent some tools and venture off on several trails around the San Juan Mountains on your own. 

Nordic Skiing

Don’t let the excitement of downhill skiing completely overpower the beauty and fun of Nordic skiing! There are six Nordic ski areas in the Telluride region with regularly maintained trails for a smooth ride. In addition, the Telluride Nordic Association is a local nonprofit that ensures popular routes around Telluride are ready to welcome skiers for a safe and scenic excursion around Priest Lake and Trout Lake. You can even bring your well-behaved pups on specific trails around Priest Lake!
Looking for a place to rest your skis after enjoying all of the winter Telluride activities at your fingertips? Our team can help you find your perfect dream home with all the amenities you're looking for and a few you haven't yet considered. Reach out to our team to find your ideal Telluride home!

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