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June Weather Adventures: Outdoor Activities and Excursions in Telluride

As June unfolds, Telluride, Colorado, emerges from its winter slumber, transitioning into a vibrant summer playground. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains, Telluride is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, charming historic town, and an array of outdoor activities that cater to adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. With the snow melting away, June offers the perfect blend of warm days and cool nights, making it an ideal time to explore this Rocky Mountain gem. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or serene escapes, Telluride has something to offer. Here are some top outdoor activities and excursions to enjoy in Telluride this June.

Hiking: Discover Scenic Trails and Majestic Views

June is the perfect time to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails in Telluride. The region boasts a variety of hiking options, ranging from leisurely walks to challenging treks, all offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, waterfalls, and alpine meadows.

Bear Creek Trail

One of the most popular trails, Bear Creek Trail, starts right in town and offers a moderate hike suitable for all skill levels. The trail winds through lush forests, follows a picturesque creek, and culminates at Bear Creek Falls, a stunning waterfall that provides a refreshing reward after the hike.

Jud Wiebe Trail

For those seeking a bit more challenge, the Jud Wiebe Trail is a fantastic option. This loop trail offers a steep ascent but rewards hikers with panoramic views of Telluride, the valley, and the surrounding peaks. The trail is particularly beautiful in June when wildflowers are in full bloom, adding a splash of color to the landscape.

Bridal Veil Falls

Adventurous hikers can tackle the trail to Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado's tallest free-falling waterfall. The hike is strenuous, but the sight of the cascading water and the historic power plant at the top is well worth the effort.

Mountain Biking: Thrills on Two Wheels

Telluride's extensive network of mountain biking trails offers something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned riders. The trails are well-maintained and provide exhilarating rides through diverse terrains, including forests, meadows, and rocky outcrops.

Telluride Bike Park

The Telluride Bike Park, located at the Telluride Ski Resort, is a must-visit for mountain biking enthusiasts. The park features a variety of trails, from flowy beginner routes to technical descents for advanced riders. The resort also offers lift-served biking, allowing you to maximize your downhill runs without the strenuous uphill pedaling.

Galloping Goose Trail

For a more leisurely ride, the Galloping Goose Trail is an excellent choice. This historic rail trail spans over 15 miles and offers gentle grades, making it suitable for families and casual riders. The trail meanders through scenic landscapes, including forests, meadows, and along the San Miguel River.

Fly Fishing: Cast a Line in Pristine Waters

June is prime time for fly fishing in Telluride, as the rivers and streams are teeming with trout. The San Miguel River and its tributaries offer some of the best fly fishing in the region, with opportunities to catch rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout.

San Miguel River

The San Miguel River flows through Telluride and offers numerous access points for anglers. The river's clear waters and abundant insect life make it a haven for trout, providing excellent fishing conditions. Guided fishing trips are available for those who want to learn the best techniques and spots from local experts.

High Alpine Lakes

For a more remote fishing experience, consider hiking to one of the high alpine lakes in the area. These pristine lakes are stocked with trout and offer a serene setting surrounded by towering peaks and wildflower-filled meadows. Blue Lake and Hope Lake are two popular destinations that combine great fishing with stunning scenery.

Rock Climbing: Conquer the Cliffs

Telluride's rugged terrain and towering cliffs provide ample opportunities for rock climbing. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced climber seeking a challenge, the area has something to offer.

Via Ferrata

The Telluride Via Ferrata is a unique climbing experience that combines hiking and rock climbing along a protected route. Participants are secured to a steel cable while navigating narrow ledges and climbing iron rungs embedded in the rock face. The route offers breathtaking views of the valley and Bridal Veil Falls, making it a thrilling and memorable adventure.

Ophir Wall

For traditional rock climbing, the Ophir Wall offers a range of routes for various skill levels. This granite wall, located near the town of Ophir, provides challenging climbs and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Local guides are available for those who want to learn or improve their climbing skills.

Festivals and Events: Celebrate Summer

June in Telluride is not just about outdoor adventures; it's also a time for festivals and community events that celebrate the arts, music, and culture. These events add a vibrant atmosphere to the town and provide a perfect way to unwind after a day of outdoor activities.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

One of the highlights of June is the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, a four-day music extravaganza that attracts top bluegrass, folk, and acoustic artists from around the world. The festival is held in Town Park, with the stunning mountain backdrop creating a magical setting for live music. In addition to the main stage performances, the festival features workshops, jam sessions, and family-friendly activities.

Telluride Yoga Festival

For those seeking a more mindful and relaxing experience, the Telluride Yoga Festival offers a weekend of yoga classes, workshops, and wellness activities. Set against the serene backdrop of the Rockies, the festival provides an opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind while connecting with the local yoga community.

Scenic Drives: Explore the Surrounding Beauty

If you prefer to take in the scenery from the comfort of your vehicle, Telluride offers several scenic drives that showcase the area's natural beauty. These drives are perfect for capturing stunning photographs and discovering hidden gems.

Last Dollar Road

Last Dollar Road is a scenic route that winds through picturesque landscapes, including lush meadows, aspen groves, and panoramic mountain views. The road connects Telluride to the town of Ridgway and offers numerous spots for picnicking and photography.

Million Dollar Highway

For a more dramatic drive, the Million Dollar Highway is a must. This stretch of U.S. Route 550 between Ouray and Silverton offers breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains, deep gorges, and historic mining towns. The road is known for its hairpin turns and steep drop-offs, making it an exhilarating adventure.


June in Telluride is a magical time when the town comes alive with outdoor adventures and cultural festivities. Whether you're hiking to alpine waterfalls, casting a line in pristine rivers, or enjoying world-class music under the stars, Telluride offers a unique blend of excitement and tranquility. So pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and discover the wonders of Telluride this June.

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